Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Is divorce in or out of fashion?

However hard you style your look to say “I’m down with the kids,” there is nothing that screams young, free and single quite like being young, free and single.

While you cannot change your age, you can change your marital status. According to a report comparing 2021 divorce and marriage rates with 2020, divorce is hot, and marriage is not.

When you see friends grabbing opportunities that come their way without having to ask their spouse if they have plans, the single life can seem tempting. Yet that alone is unlikely to be reason enough to divorce. If, however, it is one of several reasons you are unhappy in your current situation, then maybe it is time to consider untying the knot.

Divorce doesn’t need to be a drag

Ending a marriage is not as simple as breaking off a high school relationship, and the longer you have been together, the more difficult it can become. That is an excellent reason to do it now rather than waiting for a better opportunity. Yet it does not need to be complicated.

If you do not have kids, the main reason divorce gets complex is money.

When one or both partners believe they deserve a greater share of assets than the other is willing to allow them, things get tricky. If you want everything, and your spouse wants everything, it will not work.

If you find out more about how the state regulates property division, you can set realistic expectations and reach a deal you can both agree on without resorting to a legal battle. If you can do that, finalizing your divorce should be simple.