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Can your spouse stop the divorce?

There are many cases in which two people don’t agree on whether or not they should get divorced. One spouse thinks they should, and the other thinks they shouldn’t.

If you find yourself in this position, you may be wondering if your spouse can actually stop you. They may not want the divorce to happen, but if you decide to go ahead with it, is there anything they can do to prevent it?

You can still get a divorce if you want one

It only takes one person to get a divorce, so you can always get one if you want one, regardless of what your spouse believes or desires in this situation. You can eventually file for divorce on your own and serve them the papers, and hopefully, they will see that you are serious, and they will begin moving forward with the process.

If they don’t, though, you can still get a default divorce. You don’t actually need your spouse’s cooperation. You just need to inform them and give them the proper deadlines to respond, but you can’t control what they do, and they can’t stop you from getting a divorce just by not responding or telling you they won’t do it.

Why should you choose us?

Much of the time, when you speak to a lawyer, they’re going to tell you whatever you want to hear. They just want you to hire them. If you come to us, we take a different approach. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, and we’ll speak with you honestly and openly. We hope that you do choose to work with us, but we’re never going to change our approach. We will always be honest and let you know where you stand so that you can focus on what it takes to fight for your rights.