Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Karen Bonnell, Co-Parenting, & Raising Happy Children

Karen Bonnell is the author of The Co-Parenting Handbook. She is also a co-parenting coach, meditator, and overall tremendous person who helps couples navigate the complexities of divorce. We were fortunate enough to speak with her on the Akiona Law Podcast, and we absolutely had to share what we learned from that conversation with you. 

One of the reasons why she was such a perfect fit for our show is because of her mindset regarding divorce. Like her, we believe that families are the center of family law. It isn’t about tearing your former spouse down, but rather finding ways to live fulfilling and healthy futures. And no one says you have to get there on your own. This is precisely why Karen is a co-parenting coach. 

When you search for people in this profession, understand that not all coaches are equal. Though there are coaches who have been through a divorce themselves and are eager to help others (which is great), having a coach with a master’s degree in a mental health field can be a significant benefit. Some of the greatest coaches have experience with the following:

  • Family Systems
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Child Development 

Imagine the knowledge that someone with this background has and how they could assist a parent going through the divorce process! Divorcing couples have to deal with their emotional well-being while simultaneously being the parent their child needs them to be. 

A key takeaway for almost any divorcing couple is that even a difficult transition can be made easier with the right support system. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You may be new to this process, but others have experienced this before and have gone on to lead rewarding and impactful lives.  

Regardless of the root of your conflict, divorce coaches and co-parenting coaches understand how to help you resolve your issues and  teach you effective ways of communicating with your former spouse. 

In terms of co-parenting, here’s a great perspective: it isn’t the separate houses that harm the child; it’s the fighting. Children deserve to be protected from adult problems. Because you are divorced, you live separately now. That likely isn’t going to change. However, you can be an effective co-parent, and that is what your child needs you to be. 

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