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Embracing Peace

Looking to be in Control of Your Divorce? Try Collaborative Law

Anyone who has gone through a divorce knows what it is like at the start of the process. You and your spouse likely bought a house, saved money, and made plans for the future. The two of you may have even discussed where you will retire. As soon as you realize you are getting divorced, you must accept that you live in a world of unknowns. 

  • Where will my kids live?
  • Is my spouse going to relocate?
  • Do I have enough money to be financially stable on my own?

These are common questions, and they generate a tremendous amount of anxiety. One reason is that you don’t have complete control over the answers to these questions. You may imagine a judge telling you who gets custody of your children. Laws will dictate how these questions get resolved, and your spouse’s needs and wishes influence others. Ask yourself the following question: What if I could have more control over the outcome? The answer to this question means you may not even need to go to court. If you value control, you owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney who practices Collaborative Divorce. 

Consider the Benefits

At Akiona Law, we are very open about our dedication to Collaborative Law. The reason for this is because of how much it benefits our clients. Although we have discussed collaborative law in previous posts, it is important we clarify what it is. Collaborative Law is a private, out-of-court matter that allows both spouses (and their attorneys) to work together to dissolve a marriage. The clients and the attorneys commit to not going to court. If the Collaborative Divorce process breaks down and the clients want to go to court, the attorneys cannot represent them at court. 

There are many reasons why people seek a Collaborative Divorce. The agreements you reach with your former partner will likely last longer because you had a hand in developing it. You problem solved with your soon to be ex and your team of professionals, which means you were in control of the process. Additionally, if you have kids, a Collaborative Divorce can lay the groundwork for co-parenting alongside your former spouse. Collaborative Law establishes the foundation for developing a healthy post divorce relationship based on troubleshooting, problem solving, and communication.

Be Supported by a Team 

During this stressful time, you may discover that you are more at peace because you have a team to support you. A significant amount of fear is involved during a divorce, and you are not the first or last person to experience this. Parents may worry that their kids will forget them when they are not around them 100% of the time. 

One of the greatest components of a Collaborative Divorce is having neutral third parties to support you. This includes a divorce coach, a financial neutral, and even a child specialist when kids are involved. Your fears may lessen when qualified professionals explain your kids simply want to feel secure and loved. And that doesn’t necessarily mean splitting custody 50/50. 

Learn More about Collaborative Divorce with Akiona Law 

In a Collaborative Divorce, while both sides may grieve the ending of their relationship, they walk away feeling good about the result they achieved together. For instance, the financial neutral can help the higher income spouse realize they aren’t losing all their money, and the other spouse may leave with the confidence that they are financially stable. Take back control and be supported by your team of Collaborative Law professionals!  Contact Akiona Law to schedule your consultation.