Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Why collaborative divorce benefits parents and families

Collaborative divorce represents a solid option for some separating couples, including those with children. Working alongside their respective attorneys, each person partakes in the divorce negotiations, addressing important issues such as division of property, child support and child custody.

The last two issues mentioned place the children at the forefront. In collaborative divorce, productive conversation nurtures solutions that are best for the family. With the divorcing couple in control of the discussions, they understand that they must work together to achieve a successful outcome.

Focusing on family needs and the future

Here are some of the ways in which collaborative divorce benefits families by focusing on:

  • Family needs: Knowing that they must set aside animosity, the parents focus on the needs of every family member. Keeping the children in mind is so important. And in avoiding competition over their children, the parents understand that they need to achieve a satisfactory resolution.
  • The future: With the divorce, the parents are creating a new family blueprint that looks to the future. There should be no intention of reviewing the past and why the divorce took place. This marks a new beginning for every family member.
  • Cooperation: By working together, the divorcing parties make co-parenting a priority, thus protecting the children. This marks the beginning of a successful co-parenting arrangement.
  • Protection: By staying out of the courtroom, the parents are protecting themselves and their children. Children do not need to learn about certain divorce details, which can be hurtful.

Collaborative divorce sessions are private and usually take place in conference rooms, not in the court. And the attorneys who provide insight and guidance must be trained in collaborative divorce.

Resolution and accomplishment

Not all couples are a good fit for collaborative divorce. But the ones who pursue this route understand that they are focused on resolution that benefits the entire family, especially the children. Remember, it takes calm and sensible people to accomplish this goal.