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May 2015 Archives

Empowerment during divorce

We have frequently observed that the divorce process can be uniquely stressful and emotionally draining. It is important to prepare for the challenges in order to be able to meet them to the best of your ability. Similarly, it is important to process any negative responses you may have in regards to these challenges so that these responses do not come out “sideways” and unintentionally compromise your ability to receive the divorce settlement you deserve or your ability to create a healthy and happy future for yourself.

Announcing that you want a divorce: Why sensitivity is important

Whether or not you are angry or feel betrayed by your spouse, it is important to be somewhat sensitive when announcing that you want a divorce. We frequently write about the potential benefits of an amicable divorce process. It is far more difficult to get your spouse to agree to a non-litigated divorce process if your divorce announcement creates an unnecessary level of hurt or humiliation.

Seahawks, domestic violence and the Frank Clark controversy

One of the primary challenges that many former or current romantic partners face when dealing with domestic violence allegations is that a “he said, she said” tone can easily begin to dominate such cases. Unless credible witnesses can testify that one partner harmed another, or some other such concrete evidence exists that can verify the story of one partner or another, courts are often compelled to evaluate cases in which each partner tells a very different story.

How pop culture has recently changed perceptions of divorce

Pop culture tends to dramatically influence Americans’ perceptions related to a host of political, economic and social issues. It is therefore important to not only pay attention to pop culture trends but to understand the ways in which these trends may be influencing the American experience for better or for worse.

The benefits of prenuptial agreements

Many Americans are currently planning their summer weddings. Summer can be a wonderful time to get married, although it remains important to plan for certain possible mishaps. For example, if you are getting married outdoors, you have likely figured out some sort of backup plan in case of rain or other problematic weather conditions. Although it is generally healthy to hope for the best, it tends to be wise to plan for the “worst.”

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