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July 2015 Archives

Child custody agreement will impact Washington children

Some Washington residents may be concerned about how divorce will impact their children. Divorce will have significant repercussions on children as they will likely spend less time with their parents as a unit and more often with one parent or the other. When making child custody decisions, parents may want to keep the best interests of their children in mind.

Budgeting could help Washington residents with child support

Divorce can completely change a person's life. In many circumstances, Washington residents have become accustomed to the lives that they lead with their spouses, children, income and other lifestyle aspects. After a couple separates, individuals will likely want to assess their financial situation and how the agreements and terms of custody, child support and other factors can affect their future finances. 

Property division may concern Washington residents

Though many Washington residents may believe they have met their perfect partner, many marriages can reveal issues that may not have been predicted. Individuals may learn that they and their spouses do not have as much in common as they had once believed or other strains could cause a marriage to become difficult. If parties feel that divorce may be on the horizon, they may want to assess their financial situations and prepare for property division.

Disrespect, lack of trust could lead to divorce in Washington

There are many factors that play roles in whether a marriage is healthy. Unfortunately, not all Washington residents may be in healthy relationships, and certain situations may lead them to consider getting a divorce. Coming to such a decision can be difficult for any individual, but if his or her relationship is more harmful than healthy, the decision may be a beneficial one to make.

New laws may lead Washington residents to criticize divorce laws

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, many individuals may be getting married for the first time while others are considering divorce. Though this court ruling affects all states, divorce laws still vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. As a result, some Washington residents may believe that it could be time to reconsider a national divorce law in the wake of the recent court ruling. 

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