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June 2016 Archives

On women and financial disadvantages after divorce, P.2

In our last post, we looked briefly at an article which highlighted the financial challenges faced by women after divorce and the need for divorcing women to work with an experienced advocate to ensure they are not disadvantaged in the divorce process. A zealous divorce attorney can work to make sure that the interests of a financially disadvantaged party receive the attention they deserve.

On women and financial disadvantages after divorce

A recent article in The Atlantic looked at the interesting topic of the financial gap between men and women in divorce. As the article points out, while the common assumption is that women come out better than men in divorce, women actually generally see a decline in income after divorce while men see an increase in income after divorce. In addition, divorced women are significantly more likely than men to be in poverty after divorce than men.

Choice of law in divorce not always an easy decision, P.3

Picking up where we left off last time: there are a variety of ways that the law in state may be more beneficial in divorce for one party than in other states. Those who are contemplating divorce and have a choice as to which state they will file in should carefully consider the impact of these laws on their case.

Choice of law in divorce not always an easy decision, P.2

In our last post, we spoke briefly about choice of law when it comes to filing for divorce. As we noted, couples who have the possibility of filing for divorce in different states should get in contact with competent local attorneys to have their case evaluated and to determine which jurisdiction may be better suited for their case.

When co-parenting doesn't work, try parallel parenting

Whether you divorced the other parent or you were never married to begin with, you have probably heard numerous lectures about the importance of co-parenting. Typically, family law courts and child development experts say that mothers and fathers should share responsibilities and make decisions together. In most cases, such an approach is in the best interests of the children.

Tips for divorcing a controlling, self-centered spouse

He or she used to be the most attractive person you'd ever met. He or she was charming, successful, confident, alluring...until the bliss of the honeymoon wore off. Then, you discovered the truth: Your spouse was far more concerned about power than about you. His or her self-centered ambitions began to manifest as manipulation, verbal or physical abuse, exploitation and more.

Choice of law in divorce not always an easy decision

A recent Forbes article highlights an important fact for couples who are considering divorce to keep in mind: divorce laws vary, sometimes significantly, from state to state. There are a number of differences that can be tracked from state to state, including:  residency requirements; waiting periods; classification of property as separate or marital; rules surrounding spousal support awards; the method used to divide property; and the requirements for documenting assets and debts, as well as income and expenses.

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