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February 2017 Archives

How can I split a business during a divorce?

Divorce proceedings can be a complicated ordeal for any couple. But for couples that have built a business together, financial negotiations are especially daunting. There are so many factors to consider when trying to find an amicable way to divide a business or its assets. These factors can include the value of the business, your desire for continued involvement in the business and your ability to work and get along with your ex.

Be sure intangible assets are included in your settlement

When creating an inventory for purposes of property division, there are certain items that are obvious to include. For example, it is unlikely you would miss cars, furniture or artwork. You also are likely aware that stocks and retirement funds will be part of the settlement negotiations. But there are other, less visible assets that could have value.

How can I get a child support estimate?

One of the most important aspects of the divorce process is determining the dollar amount of child support that you will either pay or receive. When approving child support payments, the court takes a number of factors into account. These factors include such things as each parent's income, how much of the time each parent cares for the child, if the child has special needs, and the child's health insurance costs.

Knowing a judge's concerns can help you create a parenting plan

When negotiating a parenting plan with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there are a couple of broad goals that you are looking to achieve. First, the terms of the agreement must address the best interests of the child. Second, it is best if the agreement is clear, concise and as fair as possible to all the parties involved.

What is a QDRO and what role could one play in my divorce?

When on the precipice of divorce, you may come to learn just how complicated you and your spouse's finances really are. And one of the most complex issues to resolve is how to divide and apportion the funds contained in a retirement account. If you are facing this daunting task, you may want to acquaint yourself with what is known as a "Qualified Domestic Relations Order."

Collectibles may be a significant value in a property settlement

When you are going through a divorce, you have myriad issues with which to contend. But property division may be the most complicated single issue to resolve, especially if you are looking at divvying up a substantial amount of wealth. And while you will no doubt spend a great deal of time focusing on such high-value items as your home, automobiles, retirement funds and stock portfolio, there are other items that you don't want to overlook.

Keeping your child's best interests at heart

When you first got married, you probably never envisioned yourself standing in divorce court. Just as most other new spouses in Washington (or wherever you lived at the time) you most likely believed you and your spouse would be together the rest of your lives. Whether things slowly entered a downward spiral over time, or one sudden, unexpected major event occurred that was the catalyst for the beginning to the end of your marriage, it obviously became clear at some point that you were headed for divorce.

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