Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Collaborative Divorce And Your Support Team

Divorce can be emotionally challenging, but remember it doesn’t need to be a battleground. Collaborative divorce is a process that grew out of the desire to have a more peaceful and cooperative approach to dissolving a marriage. One of the reasons why they are so effective is because of the third-party neutrals. These are the people who, in addition to legal counsel, will help you navigate the divorce process with empathy and understanding. They know where the finish line is and will pick you up when you fall. In this blog, we will discuss who these third-party neutrals are and how these professionals make invaluable contributions to the collaborative divorce process. 

The Basics of Collaborative Divorce: 

Though we have previously written blogs about collaborative divorce, we want to give you a quick, basic rundown of what they are. Collaborative divorce is a form of dispute resolution where couples work together, outside of court, to reach mutually beneficial agreements regarding the dissolution of their marriage. The attorneys sign documentation to stay out of court. If the process requires parties to go to court, then both spouses will need to find new lawyers. Without the threat of litigation, everyone involved can engage in open communication guided by respect and a shared commitment to resolving each issue. 

The Role of Third-Party Neutrals

The financial neutral/financial specialist (they can be referred to as either term) helps couples navigate the financial issues that arise during the process. They can provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the couple’s financial situation. This is critical for a fair asset division, debt allocation, and even calculating support. Having a financial neutral gives you peace of mind knowing you will have transparency and financial clarity. 

The divorce coach can be the parties’ emotional translator or provide emotional support. They are there to facilitate effective communication. Many of your discussions will be difficult—especially if they involve your children. Even those committed to divorcing peacefully and respectfully can fall victim to becoming angry and defensive. The divorce coach manages emotions, reduces conflict, and fosters productive conversations. When you and your spouse can speak to one another in this way, you can work through your disagreements while laying the foundation for long-term cooperation. 

Unfortunately, more often than not, children get pulled into a divorce. It is critical someone is there to understand the child’s needs, concerns, and wishes. This is why the collaborative divorce process includes a child specialist. Child specialists incorporate the child’s insights into the decision-making process. They guide the parents to create a parenting plan, custody arrangement, and/or  visitation schedule that is genuinely based on  what the child wants. And not what a parent thinks it should be. Child specialists ensure you are prioritizing your child’s best interests.A child specialist is an excellent resource to give your children a voice during a divorce or legal separation.

Choose the Holistic Approach 

Collaborative divorce combines couples with third-party neutrals and legal counsel to address the divorce process’s legal, emotional, and financial components. To learn more about our firm or collaborative divorce, contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We want to be an integral part that assists you with minimizing conflict while also helping you to transition into the next chapter of your life.