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When co-parenting doesn't work, try parallel parenting

Whether you divorced the other parent or you were never married to begin with, you have probably heard numerous lectures about the importance of co-parenting. Typically, family law courts and child development experts say that mothers and fathers should share responsibilities and make decisions together. In most cases, such an approach is in the best interests of the children.

Tips for divorcing a controlling, self-centered spouse

He or she used to be the most attractive person you'd ever met. He or she was charming, successful, confident, alluring...until the bliss of the honeymoon wore off. Then, you discovered the truth: Your spouse was far more concerned about power than about you. His or her self-centered ambitions began to manifest as manipulation, verbal or physical abuse, exploitation and more.

Children, money among the most important issues dealt with in divorce

In divorce, it is important to work with an experienced advocate who understands your specific needs and who will advocate for your interests rather than simply push you through the process and resolve the case as quickly as possible. A zealous advocate will be sure to approach a case with care and attention to the concerns, interests and goals of his or her client.

Work with experienced legal counsel to navigate parenting plan issues

As vacation season swiftly approaches, many families are starting to think about how they will be spending their summer weekends and time off. For divorced couples, there may be a certain amount of anxiety over how the summer season will work out.

What factors do courts consider when determining custody arrangements? P.2

Last time, we continued our discussion of the various factors courts take into consideration when making custody decisions. We left off with the point that courts are supposed to look toward ensuring that any residential arrangement encourages each parent to maintain a strong relationship with the child. Courts are directed to pay careful attention to statutory parenting plan restrictions.

What factors do courts consider when determining custody arrangements? P.1

In our last post, we spoke a bit about the current push by father’s rights advocates for joint custody presumptions. As we pointed out, joint custody may be the ideal scenario for children in general, but in practice it is not always actually in the best interest of children. It really depends on the specific circumstances of the case.

Joint custody not always best for children after divorce

Many readers know that, historically, it has been easier for mothers to obtain custody of their children in divorce due to the presumption that it is usually in the best interests of children to be in the care of their mother, the primary caregiver. While states have moved away from this presumption, fathers have had a difficult time asserting their rights in the court system in custody cases.

Washington parents may wish to revisit child custody terms

For many Washington residents, the New Year signifies a time for new beginnings and a time to make changes. In many cases, individuals may consider taking aspects of their lives with which they have struggled and finding ways to make the issues more manageable. For parents who are divorced, child custody may be an area in which they would like to see positive changes.

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